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Lily Flower

This is a picture of a lily flower on go a soft art with some gradients added to the petals to it

Selena Gomez Impressionist Landscape

This is an impressionists portrait of Selena Gomez, one of my favorite singers and movie actresses. A normal picture of her on the right, and an impressionists portrait of her on the left, all in dots, almost like faded.

Impressional Landscape

This is an impressional landscape of a Rainforest. You can see the palm trees and the nice water fall on the left.

Painting For Sketch book Pro

This an abstract creation that i have done in Sketch book pro, It includes a violet undertone pink, light baby blue and a cream orange

New Apple logo

Have any of you thought what the next apple logo might be. Well here it is, could be the future one. A blue aqua spike ball, like the invincible apple.

Formal Balance Flower Project

This is an cool image that i have created using velvet and a blend of violet colors showing contrast and formal balance, and a small little river flowing through the flower meadow.