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Decorate an Empty Room

This is a empty rom that has essential decor that i had made it with, The theme is a green room with almost all pink decor inside, you can see it has lots of posters due with art and very adorable furniture.

Colorizing Ansel Adams Black and White Image

This is a rose drawn by a artist named Ansel Adams which as portrayed with a black and white color itself, then i took a rose and did it on a low opacity brush and colored it in

Colorizing Black and White

Colorizing the tiger from black and white to blue, in a low capacity brush affect with different tones of blue.

Cubism Artwork

This is a picture of me is a cubism form, cubism is an abstract form of art that can be displayed with body parts that are additional or that are simple just moved orotund
an example os the third eye in the center of my forehead.

Nicole Kidman Surrealist Art

Nicole Kidman Surrealist art
This is an image with nicole kidman in a fruit like form and is an example of surrealist meaning something out of a dream like surreal

30 Day Photo Challenge

1) Self Portrait

2) What you wore today

3) clouds

4) something green

5) Birds eye View

   6) Worms eye view                      

7) Fruit

8) A  bad habit

9) someone you love

10) Childhood memory

11) Something blue

12) sunset

13) yourself with 13 things

   14) eyes

15) sillouete

16) long exposure

17) Technology

 18) your shoes

19) something orange