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30 Day Photo Challenge Part 2

Day 1) Favorite food         Day 2 ) Smile

Day 3) Happiness 
Day 4) Leaves
Day 5) Morning sky 
Day 6) Books 
Day 7) Something Funny 
Day 8) Favorite Color 
Day 9) Inspiring Person
Day 10) Nature 
Day 11) Something old 
Day 12) Hair 
Day 13) Written words 
Day 14) Movement
Day 15) Leading lines
Day16) Symmetry and Patterns
Day 17) Framing

Self- Portrait Montage with Different Filters

This is a type of Collage, with all kinds of pictures of me with different kinds of filters that i ad found on Photo booth

Triple Portrait

This shows a butterfly life cycle as a triple portrait, I have three pictures in the portrait, showing the caterpillar, the butterflies chrysalis and the actual butterfly that comes out of it.

Candy Landscape

This is a Candy land, you can see gummy bears, candy canes, cotton candy for the clouds, cupcakes, ice-cream and so much more delicious stuff.

Art Addition to Master Piece

On the right. is Leanardo da Vici's woman masterpiece work of art, on the left is mine with my face inside of it blended in a sepia color filter.