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Repetition Used In a Creative Way

On the Left side is  picture of  girl standing in a cute dress with  pose, and i used this picture to create a cool repetition to the left of me.

Look Who's In Our School

This is my School filled in with a bunch of Chibis as my favorite Anime Characters.

Disproportionate Picture

A tiny baby elephant is walking a beautiful day on the beach when in the middle of nowhere he stumbles upon a giant dragon fruit ten feet taller that him.

Me with the Seven Wonders the World

This is the Masoleum of Hilcarnassus on of the seven wonders of the world, and this is me at the pale itself.

Hybrid Creature

This is a share k in a form of a hybrid creature, where i addd in a face of a rabbit, a parrot wing instead of the fin, an orca whale tail instead of the actual shark tail.